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Hot Drink of The Week - Green Tea


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This week, our favourite hot drink is Green Tea.  Most Asians are big on teas, they conduct business meetings with teas instead of coffees.  For thousands of years in China, green tea is known to have many detoxification agents.  We drink it on a daily basis to remove toxic and fat from oily foods.  It is only been discovered not long ago of it’s true wonders.  

Read more about it from this nutrient expert

Author: Team L&B

Words of the Wise - Are you Drowning Your Prospects?

Don’t Do It Alone


Starting a business is a lot simpler these days than it was many years ago. You can start a business just about anything and create a website with little cost.  We have even seen businesses start with nothing but an idea, a picture or a video, share it with the social mass and gained a group of fans from all over the world. You don’t have to do it alone any more.

This is the new era of business whether we like it or not. The wave is swinging that way and it won’t stop just because one or two people find it difficult to comprehend. What we need to do to make the most of what’s happening is by learning, accepting and leverage what is available.  

Collaboration is a new term for many businesses, but for the ones who understand its importance do not shy away from it. Instead of spending thousands in marketing, making pretty flyers, TV commercials, billboards and paying celebrities, some of the fastest growing organisations around the globe are now resolving to affiliate or referral programs. It is really, another fancy word for network marketing or word of mouth advertising. 

If you look carefully, many small to large organisations now have a “affiliate” link somewhere in their websites. This allows the visitor to promote the site/service to their family, friends, associates, subscribers and fans via social media, email, blogging and/or websites, and gain monetary returns. I see this as teamwork as many micro-businesses understand that they cannot fill all the gaps so why not utilise the opportunity and create a win-win for all parties involved. 

So… do you have an affiliate or referral program that your raving fans could help share it for you?  Or.. do you collaborate with other businesses to expands your visibility and network and it is enough?  If no to any of the above, perhaps it’s time to visit that avenue.

Author: Iris Wang

Get A Life Have A Good Business


As business owners its very easy to get lost in our business and forget to live a little, to step out of our business to experience and enjoy other things. It’s a simple trap to fall into as we make our business the top, often seemingly the only priority.

This can have an adverse effect on our performance, mood and our relationship to our business, whether we still love it what we do, we will feel burn out.

A big part of health and wellbeing, in fact a major part of it is enjoyment of life, it is living freely and naturally, developing the spirit to mind to body connection and trusting that to guide you.  Add to that a sprinkle of common sense, intelligence and you have health and wellbeing.

What about Mind and Soul?

Stimulate your mind and soul, It’s our Will to live and the Passion we hold that sustains us.

Life is about evolving and learning through interaction and exploration, it’s about creating the best state of being we possibly can through trials and errors.

Body parts and our mind begin to close down when we are no longer using them or when we have subconsciously decided that there is no reason to grow, to keep going. We see this also happen when people feel pushed out of productive society or when hope is lost.

There is a complete stop of stimulus, a total disconnection, sometimes gradual and sometimes immediate. At this point we see these mind sets develop in to physical and behavioural manifestations such as addictions, crime, cancers, organ malfunctions, impotence, Alzheimer’s and much more including death and suicide.

It is important to have a balance in everything we do regardless how passionate we are.  A table can’t stand firm with just 3 legs and your life shouldn’t either.  Take some time out to relax, stimulate, connect and rejuvenate.  Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it. 

Author: Coach Petros

Young and Financially Free!

At the age of 22, he has achieved financial freedom as his investments generate passive income that replaces his expenses!


Being financially free means our special guest is able to follow his passion and do what he loves including travelling overseas for a few months without worrying about a job.

When we asked how he achieved his success he said: "There is a better and easier way, its just that most people don’t go out and educate themselves so they have no idea how they can better utilise their money."

Just this year, this youngpreneur has published his own book sharing his secrets and knowledge with the public to hopefully help more people achieve their own financial success.

"There is no point making the same mistakes that people have made before you when people are willing to teach you."

Curious to know who he is and hear his story? L&B will be conducting an in-person interview with this young and passionate entrepreneur through our “Entrepreneur Hub” in the coming weeks.

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Fear is a liar - It wants to con you out of what’s rightfully yours!


After many past knock downs including going through a major spiritual crisis in 2008, my confidence hit rock bottom. I wasn’t sure if I had something worth offering and if anyone would want to deal with me. So when I made my first large proposal for my travel Cigar Bag to a large global distributor I was scared after all, I’m just some guy in Melbourne Australia and they are this massive organisation. But I had a vision and I was determined to make it on my own terms. I have decided I would open myself to mistakes, guidance and reframe the events that occur. I made sure I had at least one person I could turn and tell that I was crapping myself and I made sure I kept researching, learning and practicing new skills which not only helped me achieve my goal but also distracted me from all the negative fearful thoughts and regained my confidence.

Fear is a powerful phenomenon that can hold people back and downright cripple them in their life and perhaps the true ultimate killer of dreams, but what really is fear?

False-Events-Appearing-Real- Fear is the art of creating a story in your mind, or a version of events in which:

That’s how it will be

That’s the only way it can be

That you are hopeless in this situation.

Essentially fear is just a story, a false sense of certainty that rarely if ever is as you imagine it. It is only because that’s how we decided it will be not because that’s how it definitely is.


Can Fear have a positive effect? 

Yes, it can have 2 positive effects if we do not let it take over 

  1. It serves to keep our head out of the clouds and taking unnecessary and or stupid risks;
  2. It can be the fuel, the push we need to take action, in the face of defeat, uncertainty it can be the elastic that catapults us forth when there is nothing left to lose and everything to gain.


We are creatures with an ego, it varies from person to person and one of the egos greatest needs is the need to be right, even in the face of evidence suggesting otherwise, so fear and limitation will use this to fool us and have us focus on the wrong things.

It’s important to check in with our thoughts and feelings, stories and excuses and making sure we are not developing an inner and outer world contrary to our goals.

The great news is we control what we think about and what we decide; nothing nor anyone else can do this, at least not without our permission. 


Things to do when your thoughts try to take over: 

Centre point visualisation and ideal point concentration whilst performing slow breathing exercises/ meditating focus your mind on how you want things to be.

Rehearsing how you want things to be, Visualise and do it to movement, either exercise or dance, feel that which you are visualising, with my MVP (Moving Visualisation Process) system I do exactly this to anchor new behavioural patterns and thoughts.

Be objective-Become the observer of your thoughts as if observing someone else living out your thoughts and positively advise and guide them, take note of the insight you come up with and apply it to yourself.


We must realise that there is always more than one possibility and we are never damned or stuck with one result or outcome.


We must endure many different results in order to rise to the ultimate result and this can’t happen if we do not trust and let the universe do its job, when we don’t let go it’s as good as saying “I don’t want this, I don’t deserve it”.


Letting go, trusting, having faith and cultivating a sense of nothing to lose is how fears and limitations are dissolved.


Strategy Plan for overcoming fear:

Reframe: what else can this situation mean, understand it better and deeper.

Re-visualise: Practice, rehearse, visualise.

Plan small steps to build you up.

Keep learning from others and other sources.

Have a safety plan : Know your limits, learn from each effort, expand on the next.

Screw the safety plan, I have beat my fear, when you are confident go ahead and be triumphant with no holds barred.

To get through, you have to go through, even if gradually or after many attempts, always step up and eventually you will get through it, its creating familiarity and the more familiar you get the easier it gets.

Author: Petros Galanoulis (Life Coach)